Rack Ears Out of Alignment with Cage Nuts

Anyone else having issues with the rack ears not lining up with the cage nuts? I have tried flipping them with no luck. They are symmetrical.

Things look like they should line up based on the screws on the front of the faceplate and that the top of the chassis is at the top of an RU. Here’s my top left for comparison.

Maybe the issue isn’t with the slots in the front for the retaining screw, but with where the holes were drilled in the bracket to mount it to the case, or the hole placement in the side of the case that those screws go into.


I noticed mine didn’t seem to be lining up right either. I’m not using cage nuts though as I have a threaded round holes on my rack. I’ll measure when I get home.

Based on the image It looks like there is some space above the ups that is meant to be clear

I noticed same on mine as well but I attribute it to the fact my UPS throws everything off just a couple of mm.

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I am using rack studs myself and the top left is slightly off but I figured it was due to the rack stud itself. I had a similar issue with a rack ear for a network switch.

I will check it again over the weekend.


I also have some misalignment on the left side of both cases I’ve received so far. I haven’t measured things to figure out what the issue is exactly yet.

Hi All,

thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will discuss this with the team to see if we can determine whether this is a design issue.

We are going to rack an HL15 internally and see if we have the same issues

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Hi All,

I racked a HL15 with the rack ears and at first, it did not line up the same as everyone else. But after we looked at it more I had the rails in the wrong slots in the rack(it was off by 1 hole).

This caused the rack ears to not be aligned with the holes.

After we corrected the rails so that the mounts were in the slots with the numbers it then lined up

So for anyone having alignment issues with rack ears please make sure your server is racked in the correct holes and that the bottom of the server aligns with the bottom of a rack U slot.


@Bruteforce, I can see that your rack is aligned and is correct so could you send some more pictures of the side of the server? I want to see how the rack ears are mounted to the server.

Can you also confirm all of your rails are mounted in the correct slots?

To summarize, the top mounting point is the bottom hole within first U and the bottom mounting point is the top hole on the fourth U.

I had done more trial and error, but I can check it this afternoon using this as my guide.

The rails are mounted same as yours in the photos.

is the rail in the back 1 hole too high?

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Looking at @Hutch-45Drives picture and @Bruteforce picture for the rail, each look in the right/similar spot.

I disagree, it’s kind of hard to see but IMHO the last picture from @Bruteforce you can see especially that the bottom left hole seems shifted too low. It’s probably only like a half centimeter off but it’s still off.

At lunch I was looking at my rack and getting a good picture to illustrate is hard. In theory the rack ear holes should be centered in reference to the rack holes so the nuts or studs line up properly.

I do see what you are pointing out as I was looking a little more closely at it. If I use the top part of the rail as a guide and where the black item that allow you to adjust the rail (at the middle hole of the the row 5, I do not see these are lining up with Hutch’s picture.

Sorry I was doing a million things at once and I was ignore the relative position of bruteforce’s mount.

@Hutch-45Drives aren’t the rack ears supposed to be symmetrical? Mine are not, check this out. I bet this is part of the issue for some people.

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@Hutch-45Drives here are a few more pictures from my white HL15 so it is easier to see. Based on where the rack ear sits on the right side basically right above the white line on my rack (first picture) I tried to hold that rack ear up to both sides of my rack in the same relative position to the line. Here are the pics, you can clearly see that effectively the rack ears on the left side are definitely not centered in reference to the holes on the rack. The right side looks pretty good though.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to clarify the design of the ear holes in our chassis. The reason they do not fully align with the rack is that they are purposely oversized to allow for versatility in the ear design. Our colleague, @mhooper, responsible for the design, can provide a more detailed explanation if needed.

To summarize, while there may not be a perfect alignment with the holes, they are larger than necessary to accommodate the ability to insert a screw.

If you have significant misalignments that would prevent the screws from being inserted please first ensure the rack rails are fully seated into the correct rack holes.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

@Hutch-45Drives if anything your response raises more questions and concerns in my mind, like why would you intentionally design the rack ears to not line up perfectly with industry standard rack holes? I don’t personally have rack studs but it sounds like that decision means they flat out are not compatible. Maybe you should update the website to explicitly state that.

You did not answer my previous question about whether the rack ears should be symmetrical.

On the copies I have, the misalignment is enough to prevent threading screws straight in on the left side. Below is a picture of the rail mounting, please confirm if you think it’s mounted correctly or not.

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