Inner/Outer Rails

I’m responding to this comment, but don’t want to interrupt that thread.

@Hutch-45Drives were you by yourself or with someone? How hard was it to get the inner rails into the outer rails? Due to the inner rails being so much deeper than the server, I had a very frustrating time trying to get my inner rails into the outer rails correctly. They would just flap around. Is there a trick to that besides having a helper? I’ve used the same rails with deeper SuperMicro chassis without problems.

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I did have another helper with me.

One person held up the server while the other put the rails into the grove to be able to slide it in.

It is tricky to do it without a helper because the rails just hang in midair with no support

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if it this helps DigitalGarden, I was able to put the HL-15 on the rails solo. I did remove the drives to make it easier to handle the server.

I extended the rails out and was able slowly had the rails attached to the case. As I have a 27U server rack my HL-15 was place the 12U position.

Thanks. Of course I wasn’t trying to do it with the drives. The problem wasn’t the weight, just that besides flapping about, getting one track into the other has to be pretty much straight-on and straight in within millimeters in their design. I have a height-adjustable backless stool I’ve used for other servers to keep them level and straight and that works well as a poor man’s server lift for a few of the servers, but I couldn’t find anything handy at the correct height to rest the HL15 on for the space I was trying to put it in the rack.

I had the NavePoint 4U drives that I attempt to use to help prop. The very first time I did it, one side of the rail wanting to bend because I did not have it connected correctly.