HL15 Max CPU Cooler Height

I read in the FAQ the cpu cooler being shipped with the motherboard included models is a 2U cooler. But what is the maximum height cooler that can be installed in this case? I’m wondering if my Arctic Freezer 4U SP3 will fit.

Here is a link to an earlier discussion:

It seems like some 4U will hit the cover panel.

I presume this is “guaranteed” with the included MB + CPU, 3rd party MB and CPU may have different parameters.

I’m assuming so! In some of the videos from the creator conference it appears that the CPU has heatsink only.
The FAQ lists a 2U passive cooler.

So a total cooler height (fan + heatstink + base) of less than 120mm is required? Might be hard to find quiet CPU coolers with a fan that blows to the rear of the case instead of up.

Take a look at the Noctua D9L, depending on the board you might have to turn it 90 degrees that’s what I did with additional mounting kit. Comes in a variety of mounts and fits in 3u.



Thanks. Did not see this one in my previous search.

I have gotten Noctua Redux to fit perfectly in a 4U chassis. However I do agree with @seanseagren that a Noctua NH-D9L might be a better fit.

Yeah, the U12 is listed as 125mm without the fan so it would be a close call and come down to precise dimensions of the chassis and standoffs. Could work but the initial response was that at least some 4U rated coolers don’t…

Thanks for the suggestions but I’m just curious if my current cooler will fit in the case. Its a Arctic Freezer 4U SP3 that measure 151mm tall. I’m looking at what in my current server that is compatible with the HL15. If it does not fit, I can buy another cooler ahead of receiving my HL15.

According to a post earlier in the FAQ 120mm is max that will fit, so I would think - No

Hi All,

The actual height of the CPU cooler can be up to 160mm. I just remeasured the height and it is exactly 16cm from the motherboard to the top cover

I have gone and updated the original post aswell


I have a Noctua NH-D9 DX-4189 in a Q30 case I built out and it is very quiet and works well to cool the 3rd gen scalable Xeon Silver 4314.


Could you provide an estimate of how much mm clearance you have left?

Ie how much bigger of a cooler could you fit?

Thanks @Hutch-45Drives for answering my question.

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Question: What is the maximum height cooler that can be installed in this case?
Answer: 160mm

It seems very similar to the AV15 and it looks like you might be interested in the same cooler I used when I customized mine! I was able to fit the Noctua NH-D9 DX-3647 in my AV15 and it works. great. Not trying to self promote but you can see it installed here I Put RGB Fans in My Server and I am NOT Apologizing | Techno Tim.


Sorry for the delayed reply, I had to get back from a trip and crack open the case. I’d estimate there to be about 2 cm of space between the top of my cooler and the case itself. (Though it probably doesn’t matter this is a Q30, not HL15.)

Edit: The total height of both my 4180 and technotim’s 3647 is 134mm, and of course Bruteforce said above the total height available is 160mm.




Thanks for the follow-up and accurate measurements.


I can add that I just installed this one and it is definitely the max I could fit in there. The top of the heat pipes basically touch the cover panel.

I purchased this one:

Noctua NH-D12L, Low-Height Dual-Tower CPU Cooler (120mm, Brown)

Max height is 145mm