Which HBA to get?

I am looking at new hardware for my HL15. Wondering which HBA to get which supports 15 drives.

I did read that the chassis + backplane option comes with the correct cables? (4x MiniSas to MiniSasHD)

Would a Broadcom 9300-16i in IT Mode be a good choice?

45Drives Currently uses the LSI 9305 -i16 cards in their storinators for software RAID and LSI 9361-i16 for hardware RAID servers

The main difference between the 9300 and the 9305 cards is a newer chip which is more power efficient and the 9305 is a low profile card while the 9300 is not

both cards are 12Gb/s SAS and SATA cards and both support up to 16 drives

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Thanks. I will look at the 9305 too. I will run TrueNAS on it so there’s not going to be hardware raid.

Maybe I will do RAID-1 NVME via the motherboard for boot drives.

Using a RAID 1 for boot drives is a great idea. redundancy is key

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RAID 0 boot drive only option

My gaming PC is RAID 0 NVME drives. All gas no brakes.


Ended up buying a 9305-16i on eBay. Now on to 10G NIC and a GPU for Plex :slight_smile:

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Plex user that hasn’t ditched for jellyfin yet, stare

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Yeah because Jellyfin is fugly :slight_smile:


Chassis only! I already have too much hardware :slight_smile:

I am seeing around 200 for a card like 45Drives recommends, is that pretty standard or a bit high?

I paid about €200 with shipping for one on eBay.

Does/can 45Drives re-sell these cards at all? I am looking to get an LSI 9305-16i to replace the one that I have right now for my new server build.

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I just got the 9300-i16. who cares about power consumption

I guess that depends on where you live. The 9300-16i is rated at 27W nominal, while the 9305-16i is rated at 16.2W nominal. That is a difference of 10.8W which equates to 94.6 kWh / year for a server that is running 24x7x365.

The 2023 average price per kWh for household electricity where I live is €0.15, so the 9300-16i would consume €14.19 more per year in electricty when compared to the 9305-16i. Now considering I can buy the 9300-16i for about €200 in my region, while the 9305-16i costs €300, it would take me approximately 7 years (at current electricity prices) to recoup the increased cost of the 9305-16i.


1 kWh is €0,39 here. So if you buy components that are all a bit more power efficient then things can add up quickly. Save maybe 50W on a build and it could save you about €170 a year.


@Glitch3dPenguin I’m unsure at this time if 45Drives will be offering HBA cards. the current LSI9305-16I cards are EOL and are difficult to get ahold of.

We use these cards in our enterprise servers so we need to keep stock for those servers. We will have more information on this after the initial release


Hi All,

I just got the news that we will be selling HBA cards but we will not be selling the 9305 HBAs instead we will be selling the HBA cards that are available like the 9600 which is not EOL


That’s a €1000 card so home users would be better off getting the “old” ones on eBay.


does the 9300 need to be in IT mode or anything like that?

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