Which HBA to get?

Is there a way to buy these through the 45Homelabs storefront? Thanks,

@Hutch-45Drives said they’ll eventually be selling the 9600-series since that’s what is available and isn’t EOL. But those are also >$1000 USD per card.

I picked up a LSI 9400 from tugm4470

If I go for a LSI 9305-16i, then would I want to pick 4x SFF 8643 → SFF 8643 cables when ordering the chassis?


I believe that is correct

Hi @Expenses8508, Yes you are correct. Those are the cables you would need for the 9305 HBA card.

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For using this in the HL15, you would need to buy SFF 8643 → SFF 8680 cables separately since they are not offered during HL15 checkout, right?

edit: actually I see the 9400-16i uses 8643

Would this work? LSI 9300-16i 16-Port 12Gb/s SAS/SATA HBA ZFS TrueNAS UnRAID IT Mode | eBay

I’m getting SFF 8644->SFF 8643. Not sure how to tell which HBAs support that.

In this case you would need the 4x (SFF-8643 → SFF-8643).

The listing linked does not mention what ports the card has but googling the pdf technical specs mentions “Connectors SFF8643 (x4)”.


my hero! Thanks so much @ZVeguillaCotto