Thoughts on Dust Filters

Hi All,

Any thoughts on which dust filters would be best for this chassis?


I don’t think that would work, those filters are designed for layouts with the fans against each other. It looks like there is a gap between the fans on this chassis so the filter wouldn’t be wide enough.

I was thinking maybe 120mm filters that would sandwich between the front panel and the fans?

I’m doing a sandwich setup with these -


I like the look of this fan filter. You’ll need to let me know how it goes. I may want to go and pick a few up!

@SpringerSpaniel Do you have any issues with them contacting the fan hub? I always worry about these filters with no structure making contact with the fan from the airflow.

I use a similar but not identical thing in other systems without any issue. I guess these will be fine but my HL15 isn’t due until Friday, and it may take me a few days weeks to get around to the build!

I just ordered mine the other day so you should get yours first. Keep me posted on if this sandwich mount works!

I’d love to see a 45homelab branded option for magnetic dust filters on their chassis order page or as a separate accessory option along with the possibility for alternate fans, like the Noctua NF-P12 Redux, as an example. :nerd_face:


Hi All,

Thanks for the great idea, I’m going to talk to the team to see if this is something we want to offer


See my pics here: Finished my HL15 build

HI @Fossil, Do you have a full build system and if so was the cooling and airflow affected by this filter?

We are currently looking into options to have on our store for this

No its my own, I also replaced the fans with quieter ones which push way less air. I haven’t noticed any temperature differences at all.

Keeps the cat hair out :slight_smile:

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Would love to see it! once I have enough money for HL15!

Make sure the filters are case-compatible though, not fan!
(I don’t think everybody would appreciate getting locked into the included Fans)

Most people have their rack beside their bed, cats, rugs etc. which create a lot of dust; so this would be a great idea!

Ha, true for me too. HEPA air filter saves my closet rack from dog hair. Then added a USB powered fan to move hot air out from the top of the rack. Difficult to intuit all this when you’re just starting out—all that power does make a difference.

The office ends up a couple degrees hotter than the rest of the house, so I hang out more in here on cold winter days. :slight_smile:

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I got these Amazon Magnetic filters i slapped onto the HL-15 because I seen it ingested some dog hair. Drive temps went from 30C to about 34C not sure how well they are going to work yet.


So they are catching A LOT, but as you can see in the pic the edges with magnets do block some of the fan opening, I would either try 140mm versions, or I might order the kit and do one big panel. I will get something else so I can have filter while these dry after washing.