PSU Selection - Power Help

So I want to fill my HL15 with 12-15 drives (SATA HDs), and 4-6 SSD drives, however, under the notes for printing the SSD Bracket I read:
" * The RM750e supply only has a 5V current limit around 20A. Which means that even if you decide to rob any connections from the supply to power more SSDs that you want to put in this bracket, you need to be aware that this current limit can be exceeded with the demand that an additional 6 SATA SSDs could add."

So what PSU can I use, many only have 20A on 5v, even a 1000W supply. Are there converter boards/cables to take some of the 12v rails down to 5v to power the SSDs?

Thank you for your ideas.

You could take a look at this thread;

I can’t remember if any members who have maxed out the backplane and SSD caddy have posted which PSU they are actually using.

I think the issue is more around disk spinup than sustained load where you might get close to the 20A. I think the backplane is supposed to support staggered spinup, but I think that depends if you are using SAS drives instead of SATA or something IIRC.

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