What does this mean regarding SSD’s from the Printables website?

I found this on the Printables website regarding 3d printed SSD brackets. It refers to the power supply. Is it saying that the shipped Corsair power supply can’t power additional SSD’s along with the backplane?


Are you looking at the bracket to add additional SSD’s or the adapters to slot a 2.5" SSD into the HDD slots?

The 750W PSU was chosen with the 15 HDD’s in mind. If you’re only using say 10 of them with 5 SSD’s in place (either in the 3.5" backplane or separate in a bracket) then you’re fine and below the 15 HDD count because SSD’s are lower power than HDD’s.

If you were looking to use 15 HDD’s PLUS a bracket with 4-5 SSD’s, you would be over the available current the power supply can provided for those rails. In this scenario, you would have to increase your PSU size.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I didn’t want to use the ssd caddy’s as they use up very valuable 3.5 inch space but I wanted to continue to use my current unraid ssd’s for cache. I thought about the ssd 3d printed brackets for the back of the case until I saw this problem. I thought about using as much as my current hardware as possibly but I have a 650 watt seasonic g series SSR-650RM. It looks like it has the same problem though if I am understanding it correctly (5 amp/20 volt) limitation. Any ideas on a power supply that will overcome this problem? Initially just running a Xeon E5-2680 V4, a p2000 and the drives so I don’t think I need anything crazy, just to overcome this problem to run the additional SSD’s.


It’s 5 volt / 20 amp.

The HX1000i provides 25A on the +5V rail.

You could also potentially use pcpartpicker.com to get some ideas. Filter PSUs by number of SATA ports greater than 10 or something. Use the other minimums the HL15 needs. Not a perfect proxy for +5V current as some of those that pass the filter are still 20A, but it could give you some ideas for further research.

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Do we just assume that all of the corsair power supplies fit? That was the general impression that I got.

@Nightowl805, As long as the PSU is not longer than 200mm it should fit. Keep in mind this 200mm distance is from the rear of the case to the PSU distribution board.

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Do remember, if you choose a different PSU, the pins on the PSU side are NOT a universal standard, sometimes not even within the same brand. Though any reputable PSU manufacturer will have a link on their site with a compatibility chart.

This also means of course that you may need to check the pinout and possibly re-pin the custom cables included with the HL15, as they are directly connected between the PSU and breakout for the backplane.

I’ll try and get some pictures this afternoon to show what I mean.


Any updates/others found what works? I would like to use 15 3.5 drives, and several SSDs as well as some NVME on a PCIE card, so not sure of the 5v amp load and want to make sure. Most PSUs seem to be 20-25A max, regardless of the overall wattage.

This is probably a hot take…

As long as your are purchasing a somewhat modern, trusted name, PSU in the 850 - 1000 Watt range you will be more than fine.

Stick to brands like Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA, Thermaltake and I think you’ll be fine. 45Drives is using a consumer Corsair PSU so there is no reason that anyone shouldn’t be able to pull an EVGA PSU off the shelf at a Best Buy and slap in the HL15.

Whatever you do, and I am sure this goes without saying, just stay away from the sub $100 cheap PSUs on Amazon and E-Bay. It has been a cold winter but I’d rather my HL15 warm me up than my house burning down.