Prototype: Cloud Builder Spreadsheet

[500 lines of code later…]

Hi @Glitch3dPenguin - I remixed your fans list into: Cloud Builder - Google Sheets (just know that if you change your columns, it’ll break my imports :crazy_face:)

Just for fun, I’m using your home lab to test this compatibility-checker prototype spreadsheet; which still needs some work to move out of ‘alpha’ :smiley:

Your cluster turns out to be too big for my current prototype, and Google Spreadsheets Apps Scripts is too slow—I hit the 30 seconds processing time limit


If anyone has ideas what I could optimize, and how, here’s the code (the interesting bits being): Code.js · main · / Infrastructure / Compute / Metal · GitLab

What’s happening is we inflate objects (could be a “Build” or a “Cluster”) with details from related subcomponent sheets (say, “Memory”, “CPU”, or “Motherboard”) if those exist, then we run these compatibility check functions to determine the drop down lists for each sub-component type, i.e.: only list compatible options given all other already selected sub-components.

Speaking of which…

What compatibility checks does everyone here do, that I should definitely not overlook?

Technically, I’m trying to de-risk purchasing incompatible components, whilst planning upgradable paths for this project: HL15 for intensive compute + memory

Great idea to feed the equipment, once purchased, into a DCIM!