Production Timeframe

Only because I’m impatient and anxious to get started, how long does an HL15 usually take to ship after ordering?

I’ve got all the parts (motherboard, ram, cpu, etc…) sitting here staring at me, so just curious on what the typical timeframe is.

Anxious to get started!


Have you placed an order or are you asking prior to ordering? Either way, the 45HL team doesn’t seem very active on these forums recently, so you’re probably best to send the question directly to My guess is about three weeks from order to your door if you are in North America; two weeks to build and one week for shipping

Gotcha. Yeah, I placed an order last week and the store says it’s in production. Just wasn’t sure what the typical timeframe is for production.

I’m not in any rush and it’ll get here when it gets here.


Just to add some anecdata, this was my HL-15 order timeline:

  • I ordered the fully-built option on 2024-05-03, got an automated order confirmation email on the same day.
  • FedEx gave me the tracking number and said “We have your package” on 2024-05-13 (so, ~10 days to build and test)
  • Delivered and unboxed 2024-05-17.

All told, my wait was two weeks.

Shipping depends upon where you are. 45Drives is in Canada, and I’m in the US, so everything was pretty quick, IMO.

I’d suppose the production/validation phase might take less time for you, since you are not getting the Fully-Built system (although I believe they do still take some time to test the backplane and such).

Shameless plug: I wrote a post here about Unboxing the HL-15 (Fully Built) if you’d like some reading material while you wait. :wink:

If you have any other questions, feel free. Hope the HL-15 serves you well!

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Hey @kwarner04,

I am pleased to let you know that your order has been build and tested and forwarded to our distribution center in Lewiston, NY. You will receive a tracking number as soon as the unit is shipped out of our distribution center.

The current turn arround time is five business days for the unit to be build and tested.


Awesome! Thank you so much.

Really appreciate the update and communication.

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