Power button doesn't work


Connected the power button plug to my motherboard but it’s not doing anything. Also tried reversing it, no go. When I short the pins on the motherboard with a knife the system turns on so it must be the power button.

The blue LED does some on when I short the PW_SW pins.

Any idea?

Post MB pin layout

I had the same problem, the power button was wired wrong. The power switch leads should be connected to the NO and C on the back of the button if I remember correctly. I can post a picture tomorrow.


Yeah I figured it be something like this. I just woke up, will make coffee and have a look.

[EDIT] Removed all the connectors from the button and wired them back up using a flashlight this time so I could actually see something lol. It works now.

LED + and - go to + and - on the switch and the power button goes to NO and C.

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Hey @Fossil @ZVeguillaCotto @Brandon,

I’ve been reading these last few posts, and it seems like your power button was not working. But it has since been fixed? Can you confirm this for me? Just want to make sure your HL15 is working as it should for you.

Thank you.

Yes it’s fixed. The button itself wasn’t wired up properly.

Yes it is working - I was able to fix it myself. I think I forgot to mention it in my reply to your follow up email asking how the build was going with the HL15 case.

Hey @Fossil @Brandon,

Thank you for letting us know. We have informed our team about this issue and we will make sure that this is rectified internally at the earliest.

If the power button gives you any further difficulties please let me know at info@45homelab.com.

Thank you,

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Hi All,

We are currently addressing an issue related to power buttons in certain recent orders. If you have encountered any irregularities with the power buttons in your non-full builds, please share it with us via email at info@45homelab.com so that we can investigate the issue further. Your input is invaluable as we work diligently to resolve this matter. Thank you for your cooperation.


Just wanted to mention I had the same issue — power button wires were connected to NO and NC on the switch itself.

I switched the middle connector over to C and the other one to NO (Normally Open) and the power switch works fine.

Always nice to have a separate little power button handy for testing these sorts of things!


Hey @geerlingguy — thanks for letting us know! I’m glad you were able to fix it yourself. But we’ll certainly make note of this internally, re: your build.

If you need anything, or run into any difficulty post-connector switch, just give me a shout.

Interesting that the power button mis-wiring is still an issue. I ordered my HL15 on Jan 7 and received it on Jan 30. I have the same problem with the power button as described here. When AC power is provided to the PS and it is switched on the power button blue LED is illuminated but pressing the power button does nothing.

I have rewired the switch based on Fossil and Jeff’s (geerlingguy) suggestions. Works like a champ now.

Thanks for the guidance here. I appreciate the help very much.

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HI @mikesbark, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I have started an internal investigation as to why these buttons are still not being shipped with the correct wiring.