Nothing about the store works

Looks like there are tons of bugs still:

I cannot create an account, clicking the register button does nothing. Looking at the console it does an AJAX request which times out " 504 Gateway Time-out".

I did get an activation e-mail, even after the 504 error but the link in the activation email just shows a blank page.

Also when I click Buy Now I just get a semi blank page.

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That is exactly what I’m seeing too. I registered and get a white screen with the confirmation email and login does nothing either.

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Might be a while before it’s fixed. Hang in there!

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Might not have been the best idea to putt his live on a Friday evening.

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the inconvenience. The store is back and you will be able to complete orders once again.

Thank you for your patience.

Works for me. Thanks for the quick fix. Must be early there :wink:

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I was also able to complete my order now.

Would be nice of the order overview page showed a bit more about the config chosen.

Like cables, color, rails etc. I see a white HL15 now while I ordered a black one but there’s nowhere to check to be sure.

I was able to complete my order, but it completely skipped shipping and tax. Not that I mind free shipping (to Norway), but it is probably a mistake. Will it be added later?

I sent an email to accounting from the order I placed last night.

For some reason the configuration I chose doesn’t show up in my order info. It only says I’m getting the case for some reason. I chose the black version, with 4 8643->8643 cables, a 7mm SSD caddy, and a rail kit and I know for a fact I didn’t mess it up as I have a screenshot of the order before I placed it.

I am sure they will get back to you soon and help you out! Also welcome to the community @Klicky.

What type of HL15 did you want to order? A full pre-built system?

The order has been placed :slight_smile:


I am noticing that the Data cables to 7 pin sata only shows 2 in the store. Since I cannot select 4 I cannot move forward with my order.

Just popping in here to mention that somethings off about the order date.
Screenshot(see “Date Placed”):

Looks like the beginning unix epoch equivalent of 0 minus my timezone which brings it from Jan 1 1970 to Dec 31 1969

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I didn’t even get a box to place the discount code on. Tried making account with the email i placed deposit with. Got wrong password errors, blank pages. Overall could not get anything done. Used a different email to make account and had no problems. Except no prompt to place discount code. And probably now i wont be in the line for preorder people. Sent email to 45drives hopefully I get a refound for the deposit.

Updated - Support reached out and got me sorted out asap. Got my purchase in and will be patiently waiting for it.

-I’m in the same boat of getting an account activate email that leads to a blank page and then not being able to place an order. When i thought i had an account setup on Friday but then i now got the password does not match error. (Possible non-allowed character in my password?) Im not to worried about it; but not being able to get an order in over the weekend is a huge bummer.-

the 7 pin sata cables appear to be working properly now for those of us interested, I was able to successfully place my order. Cheers HL15 owners !

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