Motherboard fitment

I am looking to purchase a couple HL15’s, and wanting to outfit them with AMD Epyc CPU’s. It looks like it may be answered but on fully confirmed if EATX boards will fit, but does anyone with the case know if this board will fit in the case?

Hi @ChickenNuggets,
you can see this thread for more info.

Your Motherboard is not strictly eATX. eATX spec is 12in x 13in
The dimensions on your board are 12" x 10.5". @Lavavex built a setup with a 12" x 10.6"

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I realized that I forgot to mention this board is a CEB form factor.

It would be nice to get an official fit from 45Drives on this.

For official fit they give “ATX” only.

You’ll have to use the forums for off builds.

Your board should work fine, unless it uses some non standard mounting hole pattern. Even then it’s just a matter of tapping and threading (I don’t think you’ll need that here)