Motherboard compatibility

So, I know it states that eATX boards don’t fit… mine seems to fit fine so I’m wondering if there was a specific reason that you state the eATX isn’t supported being just fitting?


EATX can be a fuzzy definition, so some boards may fit and others will not. Looks like your board is 10.5 inches deep and does fit, but at 13 inch board or one with 90 degree connectors may not.


Hi @Lavavex ,
This might be a case of where you are both right. :sunglasses:

The ATX spec is 12in x 9.6in.
The EATX spec is 12in x 13in.

Your board looks like a Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master. Gigabyte advertises this board as E-ATX - probably because it’s slightly deeper than a standard ATX. (12in x 10.6in). If it were a true EATX at 13in deep, it wouldn’t fit under the fans.

Glad yours can stay inside!


Will a micro ATX board fit in the HL15?

Yes, there are standoff positions for the Micro ATX screw positions.

Great. Thank you. Just placed my order.