Minimum rack depth for Supermicro Rails

My rack is only 22" deep and have had some compatibility issues with minimum rail length before. Do we know the exact model of Supermicro Rails being used to look up their specs?

Also any support for a cable arm like below? This would make cable management easier if needing to pull out the HL15 to swap out a drive:


Hi @handro, the model we use is MCP-290-00053-0N with a minimum length of 26.5".

We also have the cable management arm MCP-290-00073-0N, which will be supported on the HL15.

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You must be some sort of Jedi. I was wondering about this late yesterday and now I’ve got these on order for my HL15 units. Thanks very much @Hutch-45Drives :heart:

@Hutch-45Drives is the store going to “expand” so we can order accessories after the fact? Maybe even some 45Drives/45HomeLab merch? Maybe a hoodie discount for us early adopters? nudge nudge :wink:


Take a look at this rail set. I have a short-depth 9U rack, and this is what I use for my 3U Supermicro chassis.

Outer Rail Extendable Length 19.6” to 27”

I’d be more comfortable if someone else confirmed this would work for OP. :slight_smile:

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@SinisterPisces, yes those should work with the HL15, the only thing I’m unsure of is if the mounting holes are the same on these rails are our other rails

Thanks, @Hutch-45Drives . :slight_smile:

This is where I hesitate a bit. My CSE-825 is a 3U chassis, and included the MCP-290-00053-0N rail set. I took those off and the MCP-290-00058-0N mounted in their place; they’re just not as long, so you end up not using the snap on hook things in the very back. The screw holes lined up just the same.

So, I think it SHOULD work, but at nearly $100 I hesitate to say they will. I’d make sure you can return them just in case. :slight_smile:

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Wondering if you ended up testing the MCP-290-00058-0N
I’m looking for shorter depth rail as well.

This is 00058

This is 00053 (same as the one from 45Homelab)

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I still haven’t bought the HL15, but I have a Supermicro CSE-835 that uses these rails.

It came with the 00053s that 45Drives distributes with the HL15. These are full depth. The 00058s work exactly the same way. They’re just shorter.

both the '53s and the '58s used the exact same mount points and mounted the exact same way on my CSE-835, with the exception that the '58s don’t use the mounting clips all the way at the back of the server. They’re not long enough. They’re easily 3/4s the depth of the CSE-835 and attach VERY securely. :slight_smile:

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I picked up a MCP-290-00073-0N from Supermicro’s eStore.

It comes with four different pairs of brackets. You’ll want to use the pair I marked in the attached picture.

The larger of the two brackets mounts to the back of the HL15 on the bottom right side of the chassis if you’re looking at it from the back. The other, smaller bracket mounts to the rack.

Note that Supermicro assumes the mounting point of the larger bracket is in line with the rails themselves. On the HL15, the rails sit above the bracket mount. This means that the smaller bracket, which is intended to screw into the rear of the rail where it meets the rack, does not line up. You’ll need to mount the smaller bracket just below the rear of the rail.

Here’s a quick shot from above to show how it’s mounted.


Thanks for posting — this is gold. I’ve also bought these and am setting up this weekend.

Hi All,

If anyone is interested we also do sell these rack cable management arms. Would people be interested in seeing this on our online store?


Yes, I would be interested. I have three supermicro rails - 1 of the 3 is the HL-15.

I was about to check supermicro directly before you made this post.

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I’ll work on getting them added. For now, @pcHome if you would like to purchase some please reach out to and we will able to place an order for you

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any word on whether 45Drives will carry the MCP-290-00058-0N?

HI @gh0stee, I will talk to the team to see if we can get a supplier lined up for this and how we want to handle this. We sell the longer rails because that’s what we use on our larger enterprise servers but I’ll get the team to look into it.

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Want to confirm on the shorter version.
Just got a chance to put in MCP-290-00058-0N (Rev B)
it fit perfectly and all 6 screws are in place and aligned

I want the shorter depth since I got smaller rack.


Does anyone know where to get these in Canada unless 45 has a timeline on when they can expect to get them? Cause I am hesitant to get this case if I can’t get rails.

HI @gh0stee, We currently have a set of rails on hand which we are testing to make sure it will fit and work with the HL15.

Once the validation is made we will then be offering these on the Homelab store.

@Vikram-45Drives. Do we have any other updates for these shorter rails?


Hi @gh0stee,

I just found out that the rails do fit the HL15 and can be used on server rack with a depth of 29" or more.

And we will be getting these on our store soon.

Thank you,