Is it normal to get a giant metal plate with your HL15 order?

Seems odd that the HL15 shipped with this, is this normal?

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Yes. I believe they were having issues in the beginning with support on the rear of the case as it was getting bent in shipping. Cheaper to do that than send a new piece.

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Scroll down to the third picture.

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I am so jealous to not get the plate. The plate would be a nice accessory to add on my server rack or on one of my boards I have near my server rack or patch panel network rack.

Do you really want one?

It looks great as I have my lab in my basement having an industrial theme.

Overall I am happy with the HL15 as I knew this is part of being one of the first to purchase the unit.

Would I want to pay for the item itself or from someone? I don’t know.

Looking at how the packaging evolve from the unit received, I can say I am a little jealous due to these additions. Many of the things that come stock now (were part of the initial feedback from the first people to purchase the units)

Depending on where you live, I would send you mine for just shipping as it is a heavy piece of steel.