HL15 webstore Opening/ Updates?

People have been receiving their servers and/or Chassis and will be or have started building them.

When will the Web-store be updated or Open for parts or accessories? We know your busy filling orders but we are in production mode too and would like to get some accessories. You asked for our feedback and we gave it.

Any updates will be appreciated!

You would like to get accessories, I would just like to get my unit haha :joy:


@Pro-X, we are working on getting the website updated. we do have a rough draft of an internal demo of it right now. once we iron out the bugs we will be pushing it early next week


Looking forward to it! :smile:


Will the 45Drives store have the new “thin client” project (as mentioned in the podcast with Jeff Geeriling) when it becomes available before Christmas? Will there be an opportunity to pre-order it as well?

Hi @daemon1001 Yes! Our thin client project will be available on the store when it’s ready. We are in active development mode right now. :slight_smile:

All homelab products, components, etc. can be purchased on the store when it launches. This will apply to new products too. As Hutch had mentioned, we’re working on getting the e-store updated and tested here internally. We will let you all know when it’s live.


Oooh, details please? Jeff cooks up some crazy things, and this sounds super interesting!

Hey @orix,

No further details just yet! Not because they’re secrets haha. Instead, just that we’re still actively working on development. We’ll be sure to supply updates as soon as we have them. Promise!!

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Hey Everyone,

I have posted a new exciting update for our store; you can check it out here

Happy Friday

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Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to let you know that we have our e-store up and running. It can be accessed by visiting 45homelab.com, then clicking the “Shop” link at the top of the page. I encourage everyone to visit it, and to share your experience.

We want to make sure the store keeps growing from all of your feedback and support.

Thank you,


Are those prices for HDD in Canadian currency?

I see USD. I don’t see an option to get prices in CAD.

Currency conversion should come standard in an e-commerce site.

Where is 45Homelab located? Where do you ship out of?

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56 Wabana Ct, Sydney, NS B1P 0B9 :maple_leaf:

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Thanks for that. Nice to see it’s in Canada. Why isn’t there a CAD option on the website?

Oof. How is Newegg getting away with selling Exos X20 for between $269 - $309 USD a unit and the 45Drives option is $435 USD? I take the points on the other threads that NewEgg tends to limit how many they’ll sell you, but over the past few months I’ve accumulated almost 50 of these exact drives from them at an average $280 per drive price. Drives are all new in box. Zero power on hours. Everything’s sold “Shipped By / Sold By” themselves - Newegg, so it is not a “Marketplace” or “Grey Market” transaction and the 5 year warranty from Seagate appears intact (had to return and replace one which was DOA out of the set - no issues doing this).

I’d love to give my money and therefore revenue to 45Drives, a smaller company, someone I admire given they’ve put in the effort to make HL15 a reality, but the pricing isn’t even close.


Believe me, I would like to buy product from 45Drives (Supporting a Canadian company is important to me) but the costs are out to lunch, even in USD.

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You would think that they can buy in Large quantities and they get a better price.

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I totally understand the concern about the pricing difference. At 45Drives, we prioritize providing our customers with top-notch, brand-new hardware. We work closely with trusted and vetted suppliers to ensure the quality and authenticity of our HDDs. Our commitment extends to offering a seamless experience, and in the rare event of any issues, rest assured that they are covered under our warranty.

We even have a replacement process in place to minimize any downtime for you. We will handle the whole RMA process for you giving you less headaches. We appreciate your consideration and the value you place on supporting smaller businesses like ours. If you have any further questions or if there’s anything else we can do to meet your needs, feel free to let us know.


I guess I will respond.

Why is there no CAD pricing on your website? Being a company located in Nova Scotia, this should be a no brainer

I understand you are a small business, but we need the pricing just a bit lower.

Awesome, would you be able to confirm or deny the stats presented in: Backblaze Drive Stats for Q2 2023

The annualized failure rate for Seagate drives seems to be fluctuating between 1% and 10%

If I buy 15 drives from you, I’m basically more or less guaranteed to have to replace one each year. So 5 times until warranty expires. Or, am I reading this wrongly?

Now I can decide to pay for the fast-tracked hassle-free RMA process, because I have the numbers to back up my decision :slight_smile: