GPU question: 4090 in HL15

I ordered this case and it’ll be here sometime in March. Very excited for it to arrive!

I’m considering purchasing a 4090 and utilizing this case for my main gaming computer. I was wondering if anyone knows whether a 4090 would fit in this case?

Thanks in advance!

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I highly doubt it if it’s a fan cooled model. Maybe water cooled… maybe, but then you have the next headache of fitting radiators and hoses.

Looking at my 4080 (fan cooler) it’s 342mm long, which is several centimetres too long.

I don’t have a case in front of me, but going by the CAD drawing, with the second row of fans installed, you have a depth of about 260mm to work with, or with the fans removed, about 300mm.

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I have an Asus Turbo 1080TI in mine and it just barely fits. In case you didn’t see it, @Hutch-45Drives replied in the FAQ that space available is 10.5” which would be 266.7mm. I’m seeing around 304mm for 4090 FE.

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Thank you for this information!

Thank you! Looks like I’ll use this for what it’s intended, a home lab server chassis.

I think you should have no problem putting a 40 Series GPU in your HL15. You’ll just need to make sure that you measure. You also may need to pull out one fan.

If you want to look into it, you can grab your 4090 dimensions from the manufacture’s website and build a block in the CAD model to see if it fits.

45Drives was so gracious to give us the entire CAD model to play with! If you play around with this, report back with your findings!

Thank you for this information! After much thought, I ended up changing my mind and went with a 4070 super. The PNY version appears to fit without any modifications. I was considering trying to make it fit but honestly, the 4070 super will do more than I’ll need for the next 5-7 years.


I agree. I have a 4070TI in my PC and it RIPS! I have yet to play a game that this card can’t eat for breakfast! The 4070 Super is shaping up to be an amazing card!

You should keep us in the loop as you are building out your HL15 Gaming PC. I would like to seem some pics. Do you plan to rackmount it?

That’s great to hear! It’ll also save me some money. Haha!

Definitely plan on rack mounting it. I have my desktop rack mounted already with a cheap rack mount case. My plan is to move the current system into this case, use the new graphics card and then wait a couple months and build a new PC. My fiancé doesn’t have a computer so it’ll be nice for her to have my old one.

I have a legion go and use Parsec to play any games that my the legion can’t play. Seems to work great for me so far.

My server rack is in my basement below my office so I just have long enough USB cables for my keyboard/mouse and then longer HDMI cables for my monitors. Lose some quality in the 4k display but honestly… I don’t notice.

I am unsure if you have seen any of the Linus Tech Tip videos of his setup doing almost the same thing you are. Have you considered just using optical thunderbolt to your desk? Then you only need to run one cable to your desk.

With a setup using this, you would just use a dock for all your USB needs. This video talks about the initial idea and highlights what you are trying to do:

And this video is showing it in action with his rack-mounted gaming PCs and with refined dock hardware:

This is the latest update of the final product:

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To add onto this I took some rough measurements that may help answer the “What GPU Will Fit in my HL15?” question.

HI All,

for everyone wondering here is an ASUS TUFF 4070 TI 12.5" GPU in an HL15

As you can see the card is very tight but it does fit. just keep in mind you will need to remove the 3ed fan to make this fit/


Is this just showing physical comparability, or is that actually running under load with temperatures being monitored? It seems like hot air would just collect in the area on the right side of the photos between the card and the case wall? Is one undirected fan from the front enough to keep that area cool?

This would just be showing the physical limitations. we have no tested thermals with this yet

I would also like to recommend ASUS has a line of Dual fan GPUs, that are much shorter. the 4070, 4070 TI super, etc are 2.56 Slot and 26.7cm (10.51 inches)