GPU Length and Case Dimensions

Looking for a 2-slot GPU and wondering if this will fit?

Has anyone measured the distance between the PCIe bracket and the interior fans?

From a quick look at OnShape it appears to be about 10.5" which is only 266mm and so we’re probably at least 1" too short to accommodate one of these GPUs.

Even taking the most optimistic view it looks like 278mm from the front of the card to touching the edge of the fans which are installed so about 19mm overlap.

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While not a GPU it looks like ASUS also just did a PCIe 5.0 bump on their popular Hyper M.2 bifurcation card and that is now ~290mm so also won’t fit a HL15, the PCIe 4.0 version is ~270mm so might fit but would be incredibly tight. Starting to wish we had 50mm of extra depth in that HL15 chassis! :rofl:

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The FAQ calls out 8.5” I hope your measurements are more accurate. Because if they are a 4070 founders edition may fit.

In the end I gave up and went with NVIDIA RTX A4000 not just because it’s a shorter card but also it’s a single slot solution.

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Just joining up the FAQ thread with this one, Hutch says 10.5" is the maximum which matched my measurements over the weekend. Need to be careful for GPUs which have their power inputs on the back and not on the top when thinking about whether they will fit.

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Replying to myself to help others. 10.5 is the correct. And a 4070 founders edition fits with a lot of clearance.

What size is your PSU? If you got a full build, are you experiencing any issues with the GPU and the 750w Corsair?

I’m running at 1350w psu with cablemod made cables. Zero power issues or heat issues.

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Are the cableMods cables made specifically for HL15?

They are just cables with the right length 150mm for the molex power cables 4pcs, and then 1 24pin and 1 8pin cpu power cable 250mm. GPU cable is more specific to your build.

All cablemod cables are custom… so just a matter of ordering the right thing.

Nice. I am considering swapping the PSU. Which model do you have?

Thermaltake 1350 GF3. It’s a solid quiet power supply. Not sure why I wanted silent considering the case sounds like a turbine.

Swap the fans and it gets much quieter :slight_smile:

Oops, she don’t fit…
Removing one fan will make it fit… this fan harness is a pain in the butt though so I’m using the 3rd fan as cpu fan, and the bottom part of the fan bracket may or may not be pressing against the gpu pcb…
Nvm… can plug in the power connector for the gpu… guess I’m going only 3 fans for now until I can afford a smaller gpu and enough drives that having the 3 extra fans actually matters

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I found the originally specified fans to be less than ideal, they’re extremely noisy. Replacing them with some 4-pin PWM fans was 100% worth the screwdrivering effort (in my opinion), but probably won’t buy you the extra depth for GPU. Looks like you’re stuck with 5x fans if you don’t have a shorter GPU!

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HI All,

please refer to this post for MAX GPU length

Do anyone know if Tesla P40/P100 can fit in this case using a EPS 180 adapter to turn around the power cable?

The length I see for each of those in 10.5in / 267mm. So, assuming that is correct, yes those cards will fit. If you put the card in Slot 1, you might not even necessarily need the 180 adapter as the back of that slot lines up with the gap between two of the mid case fans.