Fastest NVIDIA card that will fit this case for transcoding using UNRAID / PLEX

Does anyone know what the fastest card I can use with this case. Length limits options. I currently have a 1050 card but want to transcode multiple 4k streams at the same time.

You can go up to some of the latest generation NVIDIA cards including the recently released 4070 TI Super. is pretty nice for a search like this as it has a filter for “Max GPU Length”.

Per the FAQ’s max length is 10.5" or 266mm.


Does it have to be Nvidia? Intel Arc are quite cheap and Quicksync + AV1

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Unraid supports nvidia and it’s what I know and prefer.

For some reason I thought it was 8” max.

You’re not crazy. 8.5" was noted originally and then @Hutch-45Drives clarified that the space from back to the fans is 10.5".

And I can confirm that 10.5" is about right for max length for a card with side power connectors. I currently have an Asus Turbo GTX 1080 TI that’s about 260mm long in my HL15. It was a tight but it worked.

I have a EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black that is 269 mm/10.6 inches, and it has just a very small amount of wiggle room to the fan.

If you want to know for sure 45Drives offers the entire CAD model for download for us to answer these questions.

Based on my napkin math you can fit a card in the case with a height of ~141mm and a length of ~260mm. If you got a card that is slightly smaller in height and you remove the fan directly behind the PCI slots you could yeild an extra 25mm of clearance.

The height measurement is based off of the top of the PCI slot , NOT the motherboard.

I am currently unaware if 45Drvies provides any “official” measurements for GPU support.


I’m using the RTX A4000.

You could fit a dual fan RTX4060 that support encoding/decoding all current format, and unlock it for unlimited enc/dec.

If it’s all about transcoding, I’d just go down the path of something like a RTX A2000. They can be found (relatively) cheap second hand, and don’t have the artificial NVENC limit the consumer cards have.

They’re super compact, and require no external power beyond what can be supplied from the PCIE slot.

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They also just “increased” their artificial limit up to 8 today!

I would recommend a Nvidia Quadro P2200. It is a transcoding beast and will get you more 4k streams than just about any consumer grade card.

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