FAQ for the 45HomeLab HL15

Will it be possible to buy a LSI 9305-i16 when ordering the chassis, or is it something that I’ll have to source myself?

For those ordering from outside of the US / Canada, can you please clarify if the shipping price being quoted by Fedex includes or excludes import duties and taxes? Thanks in advance.

@scothis If you are interested in improving your general understanding about the various types of cables used to connect hard drives/backplanes in servers. I suggest watching this video from the Art of Server. The channel has a wealth of information about HBAs and he has an ebay store where you can buy refurbished/tested cards at reasonable prices.

I am not affiliated with the channel in anyway. Just trying to help share the knowledge. :slight_smile:


Hi @hakunamatata — thanks for joining. And for the question.

Shipping costs for orders outside of North America do not include import duties & taxes. If customs deems these to be applicable, they are the responsibility of the buyer.



@Ashley-45Drives , thanks for taking so much time to answer our questions. :slight_smile:

I looked and don’t think this has been asked yet:
For the minitower configuration, it’s my understanding that rubber feet are included. How far will these elevate the unit off the floor? I have fairly thick (not shag) carpet, and want to make sure there’s enough of a gap for airflow and to avoid the metal being in contact with the carpet itself for static electricity buildup reasons.

Will there be optional add-on casters? If not, is there a standard size caster we could buy from a hardware store and mount?

In the alternative, I might just get a tiny shipping pallet thing made of wood, put some sort of insulated overlay on it, and put it on that. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been thinking about this some more, and I’m curious…

I know Xeons like this are typically passively cooled via front-to-back airflow, but will there be an option on the board to mount an active cooler on the CPU? I’m thinking that might make it possible to lower the overall noise of the HL15 but turning down the front and rear fans, as they’ll not have to do as much heavy lifting to keep the CPU cool.

I’m also curious if anyone more familiar with this type of Xeon has any thoughts on how far one might be able to upgrade the CPU to get more threads without seeing a significant jump in power/heat.

Hi I have a LSI SAS 9300-16I HBA in IT mode with 4 Mini SAS connectors on it. The specification says the connector is a SFF8643 connector. Is this the same as the connector coming off the backplane of the HL45? If so will MiniSAS HD SFF 8643 to MiniSAS HD SFF 8643 cables be included with the shipped product? Thankyou! Pic Related

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@SinisterPisces, Feet will be included with the HL15
The Height of the feet is .354".
The screws used for fastening them to the chassis are:
Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Screw, 8-32 Thread, 3/8" Long


Hey @Edvard_Greig, Yes the backplane uses MiniSAS 8643 connectors and yes the cables are included in the price of the system.

Cables will be included in all build options


Hi Hutch,

So to confirm I will be able to choose the minisas hd to minisas hd cable X 4 when I buy the chassis? Ashley has mentioned that the included cables is a minisas hd to mini sas connector so I was confused when you mentioned cables being included but did not specify exactly the connector that the cables will connect to on the HBA side. I just want to make sure it will be compatible with the HBA I have posted a picture of.



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Hi @Edvard_Greig,

During checkout, you will be able to choose what connection you would like on the HBA side of the cable.

This will allow you to choose the proper connection for the HBA card you have. I don’t have a full list of connectors available but the 8643 to 8643 is what we currently use in our storinator servers to connect LSI 9305-i16 HBA cards to our backplanes

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sweet, i was worried the cables would be expensive

Awesome. Thanks!

Do y’all recommend a specific brand of casters for using with your servers if we want to replace the feet?

I’m disabled and won’t really be able to pick up the unit once it’s on the floor (not without help), so being able to roll it would be great.

I doubt casters would connect directly to the case. The feet are typically stickers with 5mm of rubber. I don’t know the specifics of the HL15, maybe I’m wrong.

For full mobility, there are many small 19” racks with casters. Not only can the whole rack move around, but the optional rails attach to the case and allow it to side out horizontally. If the rack is otherwise empty, be careful about sliding out too far as the rack can tip as the weight shifts. If you’re careful it should be a problem.

@Hutch-45Drives noted above that they screw in:

Feet will be included with the HL15
The Height of the feet is .354".
The screws used for fastening them to the chassis are:
Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Screw, 8-32 Thread, 3/8" Long

I don’t think adhesive feet would work out long term on this thing in tower mode. It would be heavy enough that it might eventually shear off of the feet if the floor isn’t level enough. (I’ve had this happen with much lighter weight, smaller electronics; I’d not like to experience it with a server. :wink: )

If they screw in, the foot pads might also better be able to help reduce vibration noise from the chassis. Not sure.

I’'ve got a Navepoint 9U rolling rack under my desk, but it’s full and I don’t have room for another one. When I move I’m going to try to find room for a 25U or 32U rack.

If the HL15 didn’t have a tower configuration, it likely wouldn’t work for me in my current setup.

Hi @SinisterPisces, We do not have recommendations on casters for the HL15 nor have we tried to mount casters to it.

The feet that come with the HL15 are screwed on from the back with Phillips Screw, 8-32 Thread, 3/8" Long.

The HL15 does have a tower option which is where the feet come into effect, so you can sit it on the floor or a desk if you do not want to rack-mount it.

Depending on the type of caster you want to use you could also drill additional holes into the chassis to mount caster wheels.

I see it mentions the case is designed for ATX motherboards. Does it also accommodate larger motherboard sizes, namely E-ATX 12"x13"?

@phil1c, The HL15 does not support E-ATX, it only supports ATX standard motherboards.

Will it be possible to upgrade the RAM?