Error obtaining disk information

When creating my first zpool the drives dropdown was blank. When looking in the 45Drives Disks tab I see an error that says “error opening /etc/vdev_id.conf. Run ‘DMAP’”

For some reason Houston is not able to see any of my attached drives.

dmap provides drive aliasing to Houston, so it can refer to the drives by slot numbers 1-1, 1-2, … 1-15.

Have you done any troubleshooting?

  • Can the BIOS see the drives? If not, try re-seating the cables between the backplane and the motherboard.
  • Are you using SAS or SATA drives? If SAS, in which slots?
  • have you tried running dmap at a command prompt as the error suggests?
  • What does lsdev show?

I’m not sure if there is a KB for your specific issue, but you can look at this for an idea of what the two commands dmap and lsdev should do and output;

Scroll down to where it says “To use our device aliasing tools run “dmap” in the terminal.”

Yes, I can see the drives in BIOS.

I am running Rocky on top of Proxmox. Prox is able to see the drives.

Here is the output from “map”

Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0 or /dev/ipmidev/0: No such file or directory

Scan Results:

“Motherboard”: {
“Manufacturer”: “?”,
“Product Name”: “?”,
“Serial Number”: “?”
“HBA”: ,
“Hybrid”: false,
“Serial”: “?”,
“Model”: “?”,
“Alias Style”: “?”,
“Chassis Size”: “?”,
“VM”: true,
“Edit Mode”: false,
“OS NAME”: “Rocky Linux”,
“OS VERSION_ID”: “8.9”,
“Auto Alias”: false,
“HWRAID”: false
/opt/45drives/tools/server_identifier: !! WARNING !!
Unable to determine server model automatically.
Server Info File Path: (/etc/45drives/server_info/server_info.json)
You can edit the server_info file manually and run dmap again if using non-standard hardware.
If using standard 45Drives server hardware. Serialization should be performed before running dmap.

/opt/tools/45drives/dmap: Unable to determine hardware configuration, drive mapping (modifications to /etc/vdev_id.conf) skipped.
/opt/tools/45drives/dmap: Unable to determine hardware configuration, udevadm trigger skipped.
[aminer@localhost ~]$

Meaning you are trying to run Rocky and Houston in a VM? To do that, you have to pass the drives or the HBA to the VM, and I don’t think is the best idea. You can install Houston to the Proxmox OS, see this post;

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Makes sense! Thank you @DigitalGarden

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