Error applying discount code

Is anyone else getting a Error - The discount provided is not valid. message when applying there discount code?

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I can’t even get the HL15 to stay in my account when I try to checkout.

I’m having the same problem. I add it to cart then it just resets the cart page which is now empty, after i click checkout.

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On the plus side, the cart can be edited now even if we can’t check out. Clearly the team is working on it and getting closer!

@ndew That is exactly what is happening to me.

Guess I’ll come back later. It’s Friday after all.

These poor guys, having been on the receiving end of the “oh crap, what the heck?” moments like this in my career, I can only imagine what we’re all feeling is 100x worse.

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oh yeah, if its anything like my experience everything works fine in the develop environment.

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I got two types of errors.

one error which states it could not find my order

a second error message (on a new browser window/session) stating my cart is empty after I picked the unit with my accessories.

Someone made a video of the second error I experienced: [VIDEO] 45Drives Shopping Cart Bug - #2 by pcHome

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Hey All!

Andrew here with the 45D team.

Thank you for this feedback! I want to let you all know that our team is working on fixing this bug.

We appreciate your continued patience on this!


Hi everyone,

Dawson from the 45Drives team,

We have addressed the issue with the checkout and have allocated all discount codes.

Thank you.


I just emailed info@ because two of the three discount codes I have aren’t working, it looks like you cannot order multiple units and use multiple codes in one order. More problematically they discount codes appear to be consumed just by putting them into a checkout flow, and if you fail to checkout (because you learn you need to do one at a time), the codes no longer work.

Appreciate in advance any help you can provide!

Heh, I’ve had that issue on the CableMod store too. The programming for the coupon seems to clear it out once applied, and not after checkout :frowning:


@dawson I managed to get Unit #2 ordered but I still have a non-functional code which is preventing me ordering Unit #3 :frowning: I’ve sent details on which codes worked and which doesn’t to info@ and would really appreciate if someone could reactivate/reissue the remaining code for me. Thanks much!

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I had trouble but followed the instructions to email and they got it all sorted within a few hours.

Where is everyone getting discount codes? and how might I acquire one? I’m trying to convince the wife that we need to invest $2000 into a prebuilt server. A coupon would absolutely help.

Preorders. We put a $100 deposit down before the store was open and then got discount codes for the $100 preorder.

Technically, not a discount :smiley:

More like a tax return, haha

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Ahh, that would make sense then.

Missed it by a few days, oh well.

You didn’t miss anything, you had to put $100 in to get a “prioritized order”, and they’re just taking that off the $799+ price when you check out. So it costs exactly the same for you as it did for me.