Error applying discount code

I’ve had zero luck getting a response from despite seeing it referenced in a few places as a way to get in touch. I’m now 10 days along with a broken discount code (so, technically I’m out $100) and I have no idea when this will be rectified. :cry:

I’ve reached out to now in the hope someone actually reads that inbox.

Critical feedback, but if 45Drives isn’t going to read info@ then it’d be better to call it noreply@ and stop referencing it in quite so many places. It causes customer frustration to have an address which then isn’t read, doesn’t have an autoresponder directing people where else to get help.

Hi @SpringerSpaniel, I have notified the team and they are looking into it now. I’m sorry for the delay

@SpringerSpaniel Vikram here. Nice to meet you! I was in communication with you earlier by email today, but I also wanted to reply to you here as well in case you don’t check email as frequently. I’m really sorry for the delayed response to your previous emails. We have been incredibly busy these last few days, but that is still no excuse.

After reviewing your emails to us, our latest reply contains all of the information you have requested. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Because of this oversight on our end, we will be making further changes to our policies to ensure emails do not get missed in the future.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us directly at for the fastest response.

@Vikram-45Drives sorted me out. I’ve got 3/3 chassis ordered, and am on the edge of my seat like everyone else waiting for them to turn up. Thanks a ton for getting my last one unblocked!

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Quick question. When you did order, does the site gave you any confirmation? for me, I ordered the Full Build. at Step of payment, i did put the AMEX, it was “thinking”, then get back to the same screen, as if the order didn’t go thru. I did received the email from 45drives and also veriftied the payment went thru at the credit card company (it did). But if I go in the store, in “order history”, there is nothing in it…

Did show up in Order History for me.

Then here’s the sequence of emails received confirming the orders so you can check what you got:

There were clearly some changes to the store between Order #1 and Order #2 and the third which I just placed today because now the cabling is “Set F”.

damn, i never received the 2nd email about the order confirmation, just the one from Stripe for taking the payment! so it’s probably not in the system!

Do you have a way to see the individual order ? With a order Number in the URL? I see in the email from Stripe a order number (or at least look like that). I wonder if I could see it with a URL that I put my order# instead.

There appears to be no obvious relationship between Order ID on and the Receipt # that you get from Stripe via email. There is also this detail:

But again, the Order 287 here doesn’t match either the ‘Order Status’ page, or the Receipt # from Stripe. Three references all seemingly not connected!

I think your best bet would be reaching out to and asking what’s up, providing them the Stripe Receipt # and asking if they can help you join the dots. They were extremely responsive with me on accounting@ and pleasant to work with, it looks like they also recognized the challenge I encountered and they committed to correcting which is awesome (and I’m very appreciative about).


Hi All,

Please do not reach out to or These emails are intended for the 45Drives enterprise servers and are not the same division as the HL15.

Instead please reach out to


Hi Hutch. I forwarded my Receipt to yesterday. I also just spoke with Ashley and she told me someone will be looking into making sure my Order is IN and that I’m at the right place in the Line. She mentionned a new team member, maybe that is you :slight_smile:

Hi @pducharme, That is great news. I believe the new team member would be @Vikram-45Drives, not me.

I confirm, @Vikram-45Drives Emailed me and I should see it in my Order History by tomorrow, if not he said to contact him again. Thanks to all from 45homelab/45drives for the great support!

Just a small update. It still doesn’t show up in my Order History. I sent a message to Ashley and Vikram about it. That starts to give me some anxiety :frowning:

@Hutch-45Drives, your receipts are not sending people to the right place then, see my earlier screenshot. Appreciate you providing the right contact information but I expect you’ll continue to see “misroutes” until the @45drives domain is expunged from all the places people buying through this channel see.

Hi @SpringerSpaniel please contact @Vikram-45Drives or for order issues

Hi @pducharme I have replied to you by email. There was a backend issue when we were updating your original order. This has been corrected from our end.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Please do not hesitate to reply to my email.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you! It now showing up in the “Order History” :slight_smile: