Delegate ZFS to container with Houston

I am using proxmox and trying to move away from hosting my ZFS in a VM with PCIE passthrough and host ZFS on proxmox. This in itself is not difficult.

However, I want to keep the benefits of Houston UI for managing my ZFS and shares. I was thinking the best way to do this is to try install Houston in an LXC then delegate control of the host ZFS.

I’m happy to use a privillaged LXC to simplify things, but cannot find a good guide on doing this and lack knowledge on ZFS delegation.

When installing Houston, I’m getting errors, I assume because it is expecting to be the host OS, and I have yet to delegate my ZFS.

Does anyone have any pointers , is it even possible to have houston manage a delegated ZFS?

Hi @daninmanchester, We actually have another topic of customers putting Houston directory on the proxmox host and managing there ZFS pool and data using Houston and then the Proxmox UI for the VMs

you can find this here Proxmox on HL15

Thanks. I did consider this, but I like the idea of an LXC as then it benefits from the usual proxmox features such as container snapshots and fits right in with my other services. It also helps a bit if I want to move containers and drives around.

If I get stuck I will just continue with a VM, I just like the idea of a lighter LXC.