Can anyone print the SSD brackets?

I don’t have a 3d printer and am looking for someone who might be able to based off the 45 drive’s Printables design. Trying to hold 4 SSD’s. Of course I am willing to pay.

Apologize up front if this was incorrect to ask this way on the forum.

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What would these cost for someone to print for us?

Link of 45Drives - SSD Mounting Bracket (6xSSD).

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I bought a 3d printer which I have not had a chance to assemble.

It is a mini project that I am doing Thanksgiving week.

Had a buddy of mine print the 45Drives model - was able to do one about every 6-7 hours and they’re PERFECT

Do any of you have a UPS Store nearby with their 3D Printing capabilities?

Kinda depends where you are. Printing costs aren’t bad, it’s going to be the shipping that kills you. So it would depend where you are located. I have a BambuLabs X1 Carbon, and the slicer says it costs about $2 CAD in plastic and 2 hours of printing (for a set of 2, 15% infill for example). The issue is throwing that in an envelope from the Great White North and shipping that anywhere and then it also surviving the trip.

I know there are a few online printing solutions that will print items for you. PCB Way does it (#notasponser) and their prices don’t seem crazy? I didn’t go through the whole process to see what shipping would be though:

I kind of feel this is your excuse to buy one. Ender 3 v3 is 200$ on amazon.

If you’re going to spend 25-50$ purchasing a couple SSD caddies then pull the trigger cause you’re pretty much there in value saved


Lol, as I am sitting here in bed watching YouTube videos on 3d printing wondering if I could do this. Can you 3d print inside a house/apartment without fumes being a problem?

I hope to share more detail next week once I assemble my Ender-2 Pro 3D Printer.

I am using it as a starter type of kit before I attempt to buy a newer/larger model. I will be attempting to print the same SSD brackets. I will be happy to share if there is any smell, fumes, etc.

Often can be found at Microcenter for $100 with a coupon

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Guys, I have a Creality CR6 SE here. I can try printing it. I have PLA, not PETG. Let me know.

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For myself as I have Ender as well, I was going to order PETG as PLA has a low chemical resistance plus it is not as resistance to temperatures.

PETG has a considerably higher melting point than PLA (180 °C for PETG, 165 °C for PLA).

It really depends on how host the SSD drive runs within the case (and other factors).

Depends on the plastic used. Look, your melting plastic and everybody’s risk tolerance is different. I only print PLA/PETG as they are ‘safer’ . I have the printer sitting in the same room I work in all day. That being said, I wouldn’t print ABS with this setup because that’s too risky for me without getting proper ventilation.

If you are in the U.S., I have an extra set that you can have for the cost of shipping (probably about $10 for a Priority Mail flat rate box). I printed this set before deciding to modify the design for use with 15mm U.2 SSD’s. They are printed in black PETG, with the brass threaded inserts already installed.

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if @Nightowl805 doesn’t want them, (he has dibs for creating the topic) I’ll take them.

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Sorry, I work nights and sometimes sleep during the day. I would definitely like them.

I’m very interested. My email is Thank you!

Email sent.

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I am currently on designing a SSD bracket that is rotated 90° to help with airflow. Maybe with an optional mount for a FAN later. Will post when done.

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I’ve been trying to find this online but haven’t found one yet.

I would like to either mount the SSDs in the back as intended but without blocking airflow, or mount them behind the central fan.

It would probably have issues with clearances when considering CPU coolers or RAM.