'Arm'ing my new HL15

I received shipment of the chassis + PSU this morning. No space on my workbench right now since I’m finishing up another project, but I am planning on dropping in an Ampere Altra Max-based motherboard, and seeing how energy-efficient I can build out my HL15 :slight_smile:

I plan on documenting the process on this forum so anyone else interested in the process can learn from it! (And yes I plan on doing a video for it too).

First things first: the ADLINK dev kit board is EATX (12" x 13"), therefore it will not fit inside the HL15 chassis. (See Motherboard Options - #13 by Hutch-45Drives).

I’m trying to get my hands on an ASRock Rack ALTRAD8UD-1L2T, which is ‘Deep Micro ATX’, but more importantly includes built-in SlimSAS headers. I would likely need some SFF-8654 8i to SFF-8643 cables (I think that’s the right one) to connect to the wires hanging off the chassis backplane. I’d need 2, as those cables break out into 2x 4-lane Mini HD SAS connectors.

The motherboard has 2x 10 GbE connections which would be plenty for me, and I’d have 4 empty x16 PCIe x16 slots to play with, too!


Looking forward to following your progress on the forum and checking out the video once it’s ready. Best of luck with the build, and please consider sharing more updates as you move forward!

Woot. Very much looking forward to this video!

I’m interested in the energy efficiency aspect of your build. Good luck and I look forward to the video!

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Just an update: almost beginning a move into the new office. Hoping to do some work on HL15 prior to the move but we’ll see…

I just got word from ASRock Rack, motherboard should come sooner or later now. But now I’m thinking, what kind of cooler can I use? Would love something quiet (ish). Ideally a heat sink with fans, probably 120W TDP.


I’m using this thing https://noctua.at/en/nh-d12l