X11SPH memory considerations


Any thoughts or recommendations regarding memory for the full build motherboard (X11SPH series)?

Are there any use case scenarios where a single DIMM per six memory channels is preferred over a full 8 DIMMS which will run in quad channel with 2 DIMMMs per channel?

Also regarding DDR4 speeds. I was leaning towards ddr4-2400 RDimms, partly for cost savings, but also in case I swap CPU to an earlier gen xeon like a gold 5115. How much performance (ballpark) might be lost by not using DDR4-2666 or DDR4-2933?


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If you’re using the HL15 as just a traditional NAS for file sharing and some SAN (iscsi) duties for all HDD in a home setting there is nothing different with quad vs. 6 channel memory.

The same goes for the speed. 2400 is more than adequate. If you are using it in a business setting and potentially as a hypervisor with many VMs running on the HL15 these things can matter more - but in a home setting sticking with 2400 is more than adequate.

Hey Hutch,
Thanks for the feedback.

After doing some research. I am going to go with 6 RDIMMS for 1 DIMM per six channels.
I used the following resource “Balanced Memory Configurations with Second-Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors”

Even though this paper is based on 12 DIMM motherboards, using a 1:1:1 distribution for each of the 2 memory controllers is balanced.
It also seems like 8 DIMMs were provided because customers are used to thinking in powers of 2 for memory sizes… I do agree that certain applications that would benefit from total available memory would be better for 8 DIMM use cases


After watching the first 45-drives podcast. They hinted towards the e-store having more options on-top of the $2k base model. Will that mean there are also additional RAM load-outs (So if we wanted 32GB / 64GB+) or is that something we should investigate and purchase separately?

With the release of the HL15, we will also be releasing our store where you can purchase additional parts and upgrades for your HL15. This will include additional RAM if you wish to upgrade the capacity


Can i dare to dream that an old ram kit might work on this system I know its slower than the recomended but they are collecting dust on my shelf, and should be better than 16GB with ZFS

DDR4 2133mhz pc4-17000. 128GB 4x32
4DRx4 (4Rx4) 1.2v LRDIMM

I got 2x 64gb sticks on ebay for $170 :slight_smile: