Will it fit my rack? Trying to figure out before purchases

Hi so, new to server racks and I’m trying to make sure I have things “right” before hitting the purchase button on a bunch of stuff.

I’m planning to use this rack: SysRacks 22U - 24" rack

In the documentation for it says that it can support up to 21" of usable space. With the HL-15 being 20" deep. Is that going to be a problem? Like will I have issues with cable space or anything? I’m guessing there is about 1.5" in front/back for the doors/panels but I don’t have the Rack yet.

I would love to buy the 32" rack but my closet is a tight fit for the 24" already and thus what I’m stuck with.

Anybody have a similar size rack or can comment on this for me? just have a lot to figure out and not a lot of “server” based experience.


If it is going in a closet why not use an open frame rack? How will you keep the closet cool? Will you have to take the server out of the rack to work on it?

Well it’s going in a corner of my master closet that has A/C vents in it. I just don’t quite have enough room for a 32" and I’m going for a unit that has a door on it to keep the wife happy. Also helps prevents bumps as while in the corner it’s kinda big and in the way somewhat. I can remove the back plate to maybe provide an extra inch of room or so. The unit is also on casters, so I can pull it out, I will have space to the side from which I can access the back. Trying to take advantage of the corner as it won’t impact the closet storage all that much. :slight_smile:

Mainly trying to keep the wife happy since this is a big honking piece of equipment and other things added to it and nowhere else really to put it.

If this would help, I check the back of my HL-15 as I am using the SFP+ transceivers.

The metal part of the transceiver does not stick out much; it does not extend past frame of the case.

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Thanks that does help!

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Will it fit this rack?


With caveats.

At 20" deep, the HL15 itself will physically fit. However, if you have the rack mounted to a wall, the back of the HL15 would be right against the wall and you’d have no airflow, so I’d only consider putting an HL15 in it if you are using the rack freestanding.

Regarding mounting it into the rack, the short rail kit is intended for racks with square cage nut holes, and its minimum depth is 20 inches, so there’s no room for cage nut to round hole adapters. IE, you wouldn’t be able to use the optional Supermicro rails, you would need to place the HL15 on L brackets or a flat rack shelf.

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As I just went through this today, you can use the supermicro short rails on a rack with round holes. I did have to drill out (many may cringe at that) the threads on a couple holes but the rails themselves have threaded holes that your rack screws will thread perfectly in to and they align perfectly with the rack holes.

If you look closely at the images on the supermicro site, you can see the holes: Supermicro MCP-290-00058-0N Rail Kit for 2U-5U Server Systems

You’re right on the cage nut to round hole adapters not having enough room (bought those too to try…didn’t work)