What's the difference between the HL15 and the AV15?

I figured it might help to post questions that I see out in the wild so that you can address them here and I can’t point back to them, or at least have an educated answer when asked. I know one is enterprise and one is homelab but figure it was worth posting for an official answer. Also, wasn’t sure if this was a hardware question or just a general product question so left the category as “general”. Feel free to move it :grinning:

$ diff -u <(echo 'HL15') <(echo 'AL15')                                
--- /dev/fd/11	2023-09-15 15:55:14
+++ /dev/fd/13	2023-09-15 15:55:14
@@ -1 +1 @@

I kid, I kid …


I was actually kind of wondering the same. It would be cool to see a comparison chart side by side on the differences.

i mean… the price for one, and i would assume the power supplies being atx instead of server supplies.

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Looks like part of the difference is the motherboard:

  1. X11SPH-nCTPF in the HL15: X11SPH-nCTPF | Motherboards | Products | Supermicro
  2. X11SPL-F in the AV15: X11SPL-F | Motherboards | Products | Supermicro

I’m not experienced enough yet to know the difference without staring at those spec sheets for a while, but off the top of my head the AV15 has a full set of 7 expansion slots, and the HL15 has 4 (though in either case, they’re not all active and at full speed at the same time)…

That doesn’t mean one is better than the other, necessarily, just that they divide up their PCIe lanes differently.

I also think they have full on support for the AV and other products, where as homelab stuff I believe will be community forum support only for the software side