Weird Network Bring Up Inconsistency

I am running into weird network bring up inconsistencies where sometimes the OS boots and doesn’t get an IP and a simple reboot fixes it. Has anyone else run into this?

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Odd but not completely unheard of. Is it on dchp or did you manually assign the IP?

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That sounds like a DHCP network where the server is failing to obtain a DHCP address form your router.

I would suggest statically setting an IP on the interface if not already done.

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It’s being set through DHCP. I haven’t had the issue with any other of the machines I have in my homelab. It’s really odd.

I would do as Hutch suggested and make use of a static IP. DHCP is great for a desktop environment but not recommend for a server/lab/homelab setup, be sure if you do use a static ip to either pick one that is not in the dhcp range or reserve it.

If you don’t want to go the route of assigning a static and don’t want to restart your server every time I would use the release cmd. ‘dhclient -r interface’ to release the ip(put down your eth0 or whatever instead of interface). ‘dhclient -l interface’ to renew your ip.