[VIDEO] 45Drives Shopping Cart Bug

There seems to be a bug on the HL15 Store. You cannot checkout. When you click the “Checkout” button, the HL15 gets removed from the cart.


EDIT - The 45Drives team has fixed this issue!

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Thank you for the video. I was about to make a similar post.

I appreciate what you did.

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Hi everyone,

Dawson from the 45Drives team,

We have addressed this and the issue is resolved. You will be able to checkout as expected.

Thank you.

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Order placed, with working pre-order code

Order Date placed

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I reached to the final part, but I think there is an issue with the site using some cards.

My card provided requires me to approve the transaction (due to the amount and that it was a non-US site).

I think there was something not in sync with this site and this types of cards. If it is helpful I can share the providers name (feel free to DM chat me).

Update at 8 PM Central Time. I got an email confimation from 45 drives for my order. The email detail an order number matching the amount and the 4 digits for the card. I can confirm the transaction on the credit card now too. It was roughly 10 minutes from the last error I got and the confirmation email.

Update at 8:10 Central Time I got a second confirmation email from 45 drives for another order. I was wondering if that would happen given what I noticed with our the site was behaving.

@dawson I have something in my cart and I cannot go back to view it to remove anything still. [VIDEO]

Hi @Glitch3dPenguin

You are now able to cancel a checkout session to start at the cart again.

Thank you for the input.

~ Dawson

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Had an issue where checkout proceeded without the Discount code applied for pre-order. I’ve sent an email reply to the accounting@45drives.com

You might want to include info@45drives.com.

I was able to get a few emails confirming and fixing some mishaps that happen with my order.


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Hi @orix, Ill notify @dawson and get him to look into it.

I can share that everyone was quick on the corrections. Generally I go an email status within 24 hours after I sent an email to info@45drives.com.

Thanks Hutch. Works been pretty busy so I haven’t had a chance to check in here.

Someone reached out via email and took care of me! Which is great as my current storage server had a PSU or MoBo die last week and both are proprietary… 48TB cold storage is now TRULY cold storage haha.

My HL15 was slated to replace that box, but I was hoping it would have been under better circumstances.