Unraid vs TrueNas

What are you guys going to use? I have 2 that I use Unraid and was thinking of using truenas on this one!

Hi @zerolimit , Since this is homelab ( and a great place to experiment), I say run Truenas with a smaller subset of your real data since you’ve some experience with unraid. That will allow you to figure out what you like or don’t like when comparing them. Doesn’t have to be long, just a few weeks.

I’m running rocky 8 with HoustonUI/Cockpit. It’s growing on me.

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Truenas got me started as I was previously using DroboPro-Apple x Serve.

I replaced my Truenas core (on a custom build) with the HL-15 full build using Rocky 8-Houston UI. The features I used within the TrueNas core were matched with Rocky 8-Houston UI deployment.

As I have used Linux for 28 years, the 45 Drive hardware and the software (Houston UI) is a great solution that allows anyone to replace the hardware components (as the hardware ages).

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I ended up on going with TrueNAS Scale. My “old” NAS runs TrueNAS Core and it works great. IX Systems really does make it easy with lots of starting presets for popular use cases. Scale is still a little immature but is finally good enough for me to try.

I really tried to go with Houston UI. I think it’s a great up and coming option, but I couldn’t get past it not supporting (yet) Rocky 9 and Ubuntu 22.04. I still have Houston on Rocky 8 installed on the kingston nvme so I can switch back as needed.

Admittedly, the ZFS Write Errors due to SAS cable issues in my HL15 might be causing some learning fatigue so I’m taking the easier road right now sticking with TrueNAS. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I used to use TrueNas on a (single) dedicated storage server with separate VMWare servers using iSCSI for storage. I got tired of having TrueNas as a single point of failure though so going forward I am now running Proxmox/Ceph hyper-converged with 3+ servers in a cluster.

For file sharing to my PC I’m running an Ubuntu 20 VM with Houston and configured it to mount my CephFS from Proxmox/Ceph into the VM. I’ve also got Jellyfin and ARM running in containers.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions