Tips for installing MINIO on Houston/Proxmox?

I installed the Houston modules alongside Proxmox on my HL15. I plan to install MINIO, primarily so I can back up my Synology.

I’m planning to follow the Debian install instructions, any tips or things I should look out for? Would it be better to install MINIO in an LXC container or VM than straight on the host OS?


Is replicating backups the only reason you’re looking to install minio? If so, I’d skip that and just use Borg/rsync/(etc). If you dont need all that s3 functionality and just need a backup target, you’ll save yourself TONS of headaches by sticking to a standard filesystem (minio upgrades are… well, can be… absolute nightmare fuel), not to mention cutting resource utilization by leaps and bounds.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it’s the only reason I planned to install Minio is to use with Synology Hyperbackup. If it’s too big a a headache, I’ll look into Rsync. It’d be cool if I could spin up a VM that mimics the Synology DSM but I think they have it locked down so it won’t work on other devices.

Hyperbackup supports backing up via rsync to a normal filesystem as well. Would be much easier IMHO.

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