The tech documents have errors/typos and do not work for the full build

The documentation does not work for the current full build. There are typos, errors, and things just don’t work as expected. It would be great if you guys could update so that a user could just copy and paste and would work as expected instead of trying to resolve/debug all the errors in manual. I was able to get it working because i’m just like that, but the average user might not know the strict YAML indentation etc like hey you just needed an extra space here. Basically just use a new build and perform the steps you document and ensure they work! If it fails, restart and try again. SUPER Waste of time on bad documentation.

  1. Docs say your local environment Portainer (portainer_agent) should be available like below. Nope. You have to configure this.
  2. The NGINX stack does not work with the network section but does without. Missing info or something but a copy paste does not work on full build.
  3. NGINX shows networks:s which is invalid YAML.
  4. NextCloud shows 45 drive symbols in place of dash, this type of YAML does not work. :).
    The URL also does not work shown in docs in image. Yes can correct to dash but it shows no-one proof read and validated that the docs actually work. (complete failure) If you disagree with my opinion, on a new build try to get portainer working by docs, then try to get NGINX working with docs. lol. Joking don’t waste your time like I did. Why document errors and things that dont work?


HI @snedabyte, We are currently running through thew guide and making the corrections you pointed out.

We ran through the Portainer instructions and it worked for us where the local environment was already setup.

Could you provide your steps and the history of the exact steps you took as well as any additional information you have on the issue you are having?

We are going to continue to run through the rest if the NGINX steps now

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