Swap to the hybrid backplane

I would like to have a sleek built in option for SSDs and was wondering if I could order the backplane that they use for the F8X1 and get that with my order instead or if there’s no other way, as an add on and I can swap them out

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Hi @Ensano, it is not on our roadmap currently but it could be an option in the future to sell a hybrid kit


I would also be very interested in the hybrid kit.

Id be quite interested in the hybrid backplane myself

yes hybrid backplane and also the rear boot drives

I’d also be very interested in a hybrid backplane. My preference would probably be to take the current one and turn one of the 3.5 inch slots into two SSD slots so it would be 14 HDD + 2 SSD. To be fair though, I’m not familiar with the existing hybrid backplane you guys have.