Supermicro IPMI labels not rendering

I ran into this issue.

I did open a case with Supermicro and thereafter I found this FAQ.

As I do change my ip addresses within my homelab, this recent change affected the IPMI web page rendering with my main desktop.

Here is a picture of the issue:

Notice the undefined label.

I thought it was an issue with the motherboard IPMI firmware.

I never thought of using another web browser or a different laptop web browser.

The issue is due to something in the local web cache on my main laptop.

hope this helps (and possibly plans in a future FAQ).

The Supermicro website (as with many vendors) have text on the web download page stating
Please do not download / upgrade the Firmware UNLESS your system has a firmware-related issue. Flashing the wrong firmware can cause irreparable damage to the system.

In no event shall Supermicro be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from a firmware update.

I try to make changes to the BIOS or Firmware unless it is really needed.

Right now my HL-15 seems to be working well.
I did knock on something solid (it was wood too) to help save me from a future jinx. :grinning:

Depending on your browser, I can confirm this can be fixed without having to install a firmware update.

In this case, I had swapped the ip address of 2 X11* motherboards. Somehow the IPMI web elements were not being updated (or downloaded).

Evidently Supermicro’s IPMI web objects done have unique names between different versions of the software. The elements don’t seem to expired often.

I was able to clear the web cache for the IP Address for this particular IPMI. Closing Firefox or Chrome down, then starting it back up.

now the element is displayed correctly

I hope this saves you from having to clear your whole browser web cache…