Supermicro H11SSL-NC back plane compatibility


I’m seeing a few different cpu + mobo combos on ebay using the Supermicro H11SSL-NC and am curious if the SAS ports on it would be compatible with the HL15’s backplane.

I read through STH’s article on it along with the motherboard manual and I’m not clear. Could someone help me figure that out?

Backplanes don’t have a lot of logic, so almost any SAS/SATA of current or prior gens is compatible with it. You just need the correct cables. The backplane has four SFF-8643 connectors. You can buy (and 45drives offers as part of the purchase price if you buy the case w/o mobo) cables with different SAS/SATA connectors on each end. So, you have to have SFF-8643 on the backplane side, but you can have SFF-8643, SFF-8654, SFF-8087, 7-pin SATA on the mobo/HBA side. It doesn’t matter, companies make all those types of cables.

In your case, if you just want to use the connectivity on that mobo and not get an additional HBA, you would get two SFF-8643/SFF-8643 cables and two 4x 7-pin SATA/SFF-8643 reverse breakout cables.

This would be “Set D” when you order the Chassis;
(2x) SFF 8643 → SFF 8643 [Mini-SAS-HD (Backplane) to Mini-SAS-HD]
(2x) SFF 8643 → 4x 7-Pin SATA [Mini-SAS-HD (Backplane) to 4x 7-Pin SATA]


Understood, thank you for the info!