Store's Mini-SAS HD (SFF 8643) to 4x SATA Reverse Breakout Cables?

I ordered the “Mini-SAS HD (SFF 8643) to 4x SATA Reverse Breakout Cable” cables. I was attempting to connect my motherboard’s SATA ports to the backplane. It was my understanding that doing this required reverse breakout cables.

The cables that came with the build were just some 10Gtek cables. But they don’t say reverse breakout and they don’t seem to work either. I have tested the backplane slots with an LSI 9201-16i HBA and all 15 bays work. Trying to use this cable with my motherboard SATA ports, drives do not spin up. Are these actually reverse breakout cables? Am I wrong about needing reverse breakout cables in this situation?

I am trying to use my motherboard SATA ports to save power, The HBA uses 15w of power idle. On top of the HL15 backplane seems to use a lot of extra power. This same setup, X11SCH-F + Xeon 2278G, Corsair 750x PSU, and 6x 18TB Exos used to use 80w idle in a Rosewill 4U chassis with 12 hotswap day chassis. Moving the same hardware over to the HL15 and it idles at 102w. The HL15 fans aren’t terrible and even swapping for Nocuta fans does not explain the extra 20w of power.

Anyways, I am unsure 45drives actually sold me reverse breakout cables…

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Could you reach out to so we can look into this issue

Hey @dirtyfreebooter,

Thank you for sending me an email. I have replied back to your email with further information, and we will do everything we can to help you out on this one.

Thank you,

final result, i was sent forward breakout cables with my order. 45 drives replaced them with actual reverse breakout cables and things are working as expected.


@dirtyfreebooter Glad to hear! :slight_smile: