[Store] Missing specs from page?

Since the deposit days, I’ve had so many questions.

Being so new and inexperienced in this new hobby of mine made me feel as though I should not carpet-bomb this forum with them.

Assuming once the store opened I would see the most basic ones answered on the product page. Once I hopped on I felt a little underwhelmed about the HL15 product page.

I go to this website A****n.com and see so many pictures for a (example) lanyard, or a keychain. They say the weight, they say the materials with % of metals, they have all these super-zoomed pictures of the fabric. You know exactly the length to here etc.

Specifically what I was hoping to read on this HL15 page was:

What backplane(s) is/are being used, model #, maximum throughput, minimum power requirement.
Does it need 1, 2, 3, 4 data cables from the motherboard? How many for it to work vs total available ports?
“You can get away with 1/4 but we recommend 4/4” type of comment.
What specific port do they need? I assume SFF8643 since all the available cables in the store end in that but I don’t KNOW for sure.


More pictures of the chassis would’ve looked nice, disassembled, a component layout something more artsy.
Weight, empy, full, max load, etc.


I assume the barebones comes with a power distribution board of some kind, Power to PSU to board to backplane but I don’t KNOW. What kind of power does it take? Do I need 1, 2, 3 PCIe/peripheral ports from the PSU dedicated to the backplane? I don’t know what port from the PSU I need because I’ve never done this before.
This distribution board seems like it would merit its own picture and specs on the product page.
Fans. They were mentioned in the forum but not on the page, how many, and location. What is the noise level under low/normal/heavy loads?
What is the clearance for a CPU fan, guestimate even 150mm? No 2D CAD-looking drawing with sizes. I know it can vary but “no more than Xmm and with this MB and CPU Ymm” or something like that?
The SSD caddy from my other post was not on the page, the bracket from @technotim 2/4/6/8/10 SSD holder in the back.

Sent an email to info@45drives.com with some questions about my account since I don’t see any contact info on the page either.

I’m not happy with how this post turned out. I was hoping for a better release page. I’ll probably edit or delete this tomorrow when I regret how this may make me look to the others but I’m underwhelmed. Was very excited about this, now I’m more nervous really.

Thanks for making this product.


You make a few good points. It would be really nice to have a detailed product page. I do agree that MANY more pictures of the HL15 would be great as well as full specs listed.

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