Storage Spaces in Windows 11

Does Windows 11 Pro recognize all 15 drives on HL15 if installed on the supplied supermicro motherboard?

Can one use Storage Spaces facility in Widows 11 to control the 15 drives on the HL15?

Welcome to the community @holoidal.

Once you install the drivers for the HBA I am sure you can do whatever you want with the drives in Windows 11.

Supermicro X11SPH-NCTF Driver Disk.
Supermicro X11SPH-NCTPF Driver Disk.

I am sure that performance on Windows will be fine but I am sure you can min-max your speed within a Linux distro.


Welcome @holoidal, You should have no issues with using whichever OS you would like. The system is set up for software RAID so the OS configures and controls the RAID meaning it can be configured to any OS’s liking.

In our enterprise environment, we always recommend seeing hardware RAID with Windows because replacing and locating a drive in windows is much more difficult than in Linux. We have special tools that help locate drives in Linux software RAID but you can still do software RAID on Windows if you would like