StarfleetHQ 2.0 - Phase 1 of my HL15 build

So I received my HL15 just before Christmas and spend some of my holiday break and moved my Unraid system (StarfleetHQ…all my servers are named after ST space stations) over to the HL15 chassis. I did install some Be Quiet Light Wings high speed fans in the front and plain high speed in the back.

Phase 2 will involve migrating from Unraid to either Truenas or Debian/Fedora + Cockpit or HoustonUI. I am also printing the SSD holders.

This build really leaves me wanting to add a second HL15 to the mix for a second redundant server.

Current Hardware:
ASRock W480 Creator Motherboard
Intel® Xeon® W-1350 @ 3.30GHz
64 GiB DDR4 Single-bit ECC
Nvidia GTX 1650 SUPER


Nice pictures.

If I can ask why Fedora rather than Rocky Linux?

For myself, I originally was not going to stick with Rocky, but after more research (on 45 Drives) I am sticking with Rocky Linux.

Look forward to your response

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Only because I have used Fedora. I’ve never used Rocky Linux before. I know as a RHEL derivative it wouldn’t be fundamentally different.

It would be a good way to learn something new which I am always down for.

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I took the HL-15 using Rocky as a learning experience myself.

As I tend to use Debian/Ubuntu for servers or Pop for a desktop. It took me a couple weeks to get use to the subtle differences.

Ironically I recently purchased the Framework Laptop model that uses AMD chipset (AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U). The laptop works best using Fedora 39. Fedora 39 has the newest kernel for this AMD CPU. This learning experience (using Fedora desktop) has been challenging - more than Rocky.

Will your HL-15 be used as a storage server?

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Mostly a Debian guy here as well. Currently daily drive Debian 12 and Plasma. I have mostly used Fedora Server, but do have a Fedora VM usually spun up.

Would love your feedback and thoughts on the Framework laptop as I am thinking about one as my travel computer.

In answer to how I will use the HL-15…it’s purpose will be 100% storage focused. Thus the dilemma of what storage solution to run. I like Truenas and am leaning that way, but the HL-15 and this migration also provide an opportunity to learn something new. Who knows, might even try Ceph in the future…complete overkill for my home lab but wth might as well play around.

I have been in the process of moving all of my compute to Proxmox, three in a cluster and one stand alone instance. My migration strategy is to move all the Unraid Docker containers to high availability in the cluster. The stand alone instance only serves Windows and Mac VMs.

I also have three old 1U Supermicro servers I am playing around with XCPng and XEN server on just to see what that is like.

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I will be happy to share my Framework experience. If got the first models of the Intel 11th gen and 12th gen. As I shared with the AMD, I have upgraded items and use the cooler master case.

As with the HL-15 I was an early adopter. I can private message you more - just let me know what you would be interested.

As I started with a FreeNas then upgraded to TrueNas Core, I decided to use Houston/Rocky solution rather than going back to TrueNas Core.

I, too, have a Proxmox 3-node cluster.

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