Speedtest on HL15 Full Build [SOLVED]

Curious if anyone else has run into this issue - I’ve now tried both Proxmox and TrueNAS Scale on bare metal, and can’t seem to get my full symmetric gigabit speed to the internet on a speedtest-cli run. I’m getting right around ~950mbps+ down, but only around 100-300mbps up depending on which driver I use (virtio vs. intel e1000).

Is this common?

Speedtest CLI is not a good benchmark at all and often doesn’t work properly. Use iperf3.

Will try iperf3 later tonight and report back.

For anyone who may be experiencing this issue, I think I’ve discovered the source:

I was using the 10Gtek SFP+ adapter (Amazon.com) that others have mentioned on this forum to connect my HL15 to my network. I switched to a DAC (SFP+ to SFP+ directly) and that solved the issue. It seems that there may be some incompatibility on the upload speeds between this adapter and my Ubiquiti switch. I suppose I’ll return it and see if I can find one that does work.

Hi @c1rcaa , Could you try using the 10Gtek SFP+ with your unifi switch again? I’m pretty sure I’ve had that setup work, but I think I may have had to turn off auto negotiate on the unifi switch and set it 1000.

Tried that just now (my topology is RJ45 into Unifi 16 POE lite to the SFP+ adapter plugged into my mobo). Unfortunately getting the same result.

What type of cable are you using? Cat 5e?
I was reading the spec and it claims: 30 meters transmission over CAT.6a/CAT.7

It’s possible to get short runs of 10Gb over Cat 5e, so maybe something in the conversion from sfp+ to RJ45 requires a higher grade cable.

I was originally trying over cat5e, but I moved the HL15 closer when I tried the DAC and so tried with a fairly short cat6 into the switch.