Solutions for server-side file indexing?

For those of you who store and access your files on your NAS primarily via samba shares, have you found an easy & clean way to index all of your files (including file contents) on the server, and making this index available to use for search via Windows File Explorer / Mac OS Finder on client devices?

I know you can enable indexing locally on each client machine but that just seems like an ineffecient way to go about it in 2023. It’s the one thing that is making me hold onto my synology NAS as an office / small business file server. Oh and Active Backup for Business. But I’ll make another post about that.

I have not tried it myself but I was once looking into this. I ran into something called Diskover. It looks like it may possibly be the solution to what you’re asking. They do provide a Community Edition that is totally free to use. And for those that have a hybrid homelab/cloud application they have an easy way to deploy right on AWS too.

If you end up giving this a shot, please let me know back here! I have wanted to look into this but I have not yet entered the rabbit hole.