So have any been shipped yet?

I was just curious if any were minted and out the door. I’m excited to get mine, and I’m sure you’re all excited to ship em!

HI, You will receive an email once your order has shipped currently no orders have shipped yet as we are still waiting on some components to come in


Hey, how about a short production video to hold us over?

Like shots of case being made, adding the parts, and what you actually do for “fully tested” ( do you use ansible scripts to mass deploy?)

Anxiously waiting!


Oh I get ya. I was just curious and trying to share in the excitement. I trust that I’ll get that email!

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Hi @daemon1001, Ill see what I can to do get a video put together. right now our video production team is out but when there back we’ll see what we can do.


I know the feeling. I feel like I’m a dog waiting for it’s owner to get home.
I’ve got new drives ready to go, even got a new 10GB network switch and DAC cables ready to go. Super pumped!

Ya I got 6 18tb drives delivered today. I’m debating over zfs or unraid.

To be honest I’m actually migrating from unraid to zfs with this server. I’m excited to have a purpose built device like this. 6x 18tb raidz2 would be nice. Then can always expand with another pool or another 6x18tb vdev (when you need another 65+ TB).

I really like how unraid does docker containers but I heard that they are going to use Portainer with Houston so between that and Watchtower it might be pretty close to the same features if not more.

Ya I’m trying for as much space as possible it’s going to be long term low access storage. Trying to hit 200tb of storage.

Adding the 4x nvme add on card for cache

Hi All,

Shipment of the HL15 will be 2+ weeks from your order date for anyone asking. please be patient as we get things started.


Thanks for the update!