SnapShield for HomeLab

Are we going to see a SnapSheild option for HomeLab? Any thoughts on a community edition or HomeLab edition? Would be nice to be able to be able to “get our feet wet” with the product in our own home environments.


This would be an awesome addition and give me one more reason to consider Houston over TrueNAS.


Hi @Krushal — great question.

SnapShield will be available for HomeLab customers, so long as you’re running ZFS and SMB.


Happy to hear this! I was just searching to see if there was a community edition and stumbled over here.

This sounds awesome to have! Thanks for the answer @Ashley-45Drives .

Hey @Ashley-45Drives thanks for the quick response! Maybe some clarification though if it will be the same product/same pricing as the enterprise level or are we going to see something a bit different for the HomeLab level?