Slot 6 with bifurcation for a 4 x NVME Card

Just as Documentation and to share what I’ve done to my new HL15
(fully Build with X11SPH-NCTPF Motherboard)

I used CPU SLOT6 for a 4 x NVME Card. This is how to.

(CPU SLOT6) = PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Slot
This slot can be used as x16, x8x8, x4x4x4x4 using Bifurcation.

In Case of my Truenas install a 4 x NVME Board was used with the x4x4x4x4 setting.
The Settings can be found in Bios under;
__CPU Configuration
___North Bridge
____IIO Configuration
_____CPU Configuration
______OU2 (II0 PCIe Br3) Change from Auto to x4x4x4x4
As a side effect of this Slot 5 can not be used anymore as all PCIE Lanes for Slot 5 & 6 have now been consumed by Slot 6.

  • Card used: Delock 89017, PCI Express x16 Card to 4 x internal NVMe M.2 Key M - Bifurcation
  • Drives used: Intel OPTANE SSD P1600X Series • 118GB • M.2 PCIE

I configured a 3 x Mirror as special Vdev in Truenas for metadata and have the position currnetly unused.

Stil contemplating to use that position as a ZIL/Slog or with 2 more Optanes as a 3 way mirror for the new Fast DeDup".

I gues now I’ve got to start load testing to see if the card holds up without errors.


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If you are using a supermicro motherboard (the fully build model) and the card sold by 45homelab, there should not be a need to set the bifurcation as it will auto detect it.

I was able to confirm that in an earlier post.

Hutch noted the same things

I have the same motherboard as you with the stock CPU (bronze 3204). As my build was an early one, I am assuming the same is true with the other CPU options now offered.

The Autodetection mode did only give me the 1st NVME that is why I manually set it to be x4x4x4x4

Might be different with other Cards than my Deloc 89017


Do you did not get the supermicro model that was sold by 45homelab?


Thank you for the clarification.

yeh I bought the fully Build with X11SPH-NCTPF Motherboard.
Could have to do with the IPMI Upgrade I performed before. We might not be running the same version. anyhow with the manual setting all is fine.

possibly, but I don’t see that the IMPI update had no pressing fix that was needed. If your server is not exposed to the internet and it is just for your homelab, I am sure the item is good.

The 4 PCI slots for this motherboard show the defaults as I documented on this post. These are gen3 PCIe slots.

This is a good post to let other know about this specific NVME PCIe card.

My act of responding assumed that this was the card offered by 45Homelab – the Supermicro model.