Short rail kit minimum depth

I have a rack with 21 inches of maximum depth, will the short rail kit work for this?

If not, is there a solution that might or can I mount with rack ears only?

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The minimum depth (shown in the detailed specs tab/collapsible section on the Supermicro site) is 19.6 inches;

and this is verified in other posts in the forums.

The description on the HL store site is just repeated from the main paragraph from Supermicro, and is misleading and not very informative. I’m not sure what the 22 inches refers to, maybe the interior width of a 24 inch rack or something.

The HL store really needs to list the actual minimum depth, as this question is going to keep coming up. And maybe drop the confusing reference to wider racks, as I’m not sure anyone in homelabbing is going to be using wide racks, and equipment width doesn’t really matter for rails.

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Hey @dangbat,

The short rails measure 19" in length and can extend up to 42" approximately as per my measurements. Hopefully these measurements help you out.

Here is an image of the measurement I was able to get.

@DigitalGarden, I appreciate you letting us know that the description does not mention this, I will get these measurements to the description immediately.

Thank you,

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