Shipping Costs & Options

Hi 45 Drives Team,

But what is the driving cost for shipping the HL15, as I am in Australia the estimate for shipping the unit is estimated at $350. While this is not stopping me from getting one, is the issue one of volume or weight?

If the issue is volume, for those of use getting the barebones option, could we potentially get it flatpacked and built it ourselves caselabs style which would reduce the oncosts?


The Fat Hacker


I was facing the same situation ($600+ to ship to my country) but fortunately I will be visiting the U.S. in November, so I’m planning to have my order shipped to my buddy’s place and then I will check it in as baggage on my return flight home.

I doubt 45drives would offer a flatpack option as they like to test everything before they ship their servers to their customers, but it’s a good idea!

I mean even if they charged a $100 labor fee to flat pack the case that is a lot cheaper than $300 - $600 for shipping. That’s crazy expensive! You could almost buy 2 HL15s for that price!

I’m not sure how much that would cut down though as the weight would be the same, just the dimensions of the box a bit smaller.

@orix that is part of the question really, is the shipping costs that 45 drives deal with an issue of weight or volume.