Server Rail Compatability - 16 inch

Hello, does anyone know of 16 inch rails that would be compatible with the chassis? I don’t mind it sticking out the back, but definitely want the face to be flush.

We offer shorter rails that are 17.2" to 22". would these fit for your use case?

That sounds like it would work. To clarify, these rails would fit a network rack 16 inch depth and allow the face to sit flush? I will try them out

The above would not work if your rack is only 16" deep. The short supermicro rails are a minimum 17.2" between front and back rack strip.

I see Amazon has 4” 2U extenders, if I make the depth 20” would that be viable?

Those are intended for fixed-in-place equipment, aren’t they? I don’t see how the rails would get past the back posts. I think you’re going to be limited to fixed/L rails. Even if you could get 16-inch sliding rails, I don’t see how the unit would ever pull out far enough to work on it in situ unless they had some special dual inner rail design. You’d always have 4-5 inches still in the rack. EG, you wouldn’t be able to access the PCI bracket screws unless you had 3U+ open above the server.

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